In 2009, WE Artspace opened itself to the public, as an "alternative" art space that offered an experimental environment for visual and performing artists. For two years, WE hosted dozens of events with over 100 artists that included monthly rotating art shows, film salons, sidewalk bbqs, live music (in the kitchen and/or on buses), mural painting, poetry readings, DIY art sales, auctions and pop up dinners. Through these events WE created a place for a community of people with ideas, interests and passion, to come together. 

In 2011, the space became less public, and more of a personal (work) space, except for the 40th Street storefront window, which became a three month long installation space for visual artists. In the summer of 2012, WE finally closed it's doors for good, so this site is dedicated to preserving the history of this space. 

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