Naaman Rosen, Co-Founder, Designer, Preparator & Installer

He graduated in May 2013, with an MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and shows with Krowswork Gallery, in Oakland. 

Tina Dillman, Co-Founder, Director & Curator of Programming  

She is in her last semester of graduate school at the San Francisco Art Institute, and has no set plans after May 2014. 

Charlie Rose, Lead Security and Maintenance 

She is happily content in a larger, sunny backyard with other animals in Oakland. 

​WE Artspace, unfortunately, closed during the summer of 2012, but is currently working on an archive project, and would love to hear from you. If you attended, participated, or if you never were able to make an event, but had heard about us, please feel free to contact us with stories, photographs, or videos. WE would like to thank everyone that supported us over the years. WE want you to know that WE still think of you and all your talent and future moments of glory. Thank you and take care.